History of American-3 Fab, Inc.

American-3 Fab, Inc. is an entrepreneurial success story in spite of the challenges they faced being a start-up company in 2008, during the worst economic downturn in recent years.

In 2008 owners Kevin Prien and Barry Bosman set off to establish a state-of-the-art custom metal fabrication company to provide superior quality products, professional customer service, and at a competitive pricing in the fabrication business. Three years later, the business employs more than 35 individuals from its 20,000 square foot facility in east Green Bay. By 2015 the company employs more than 45 employees and was in need of a larger facility.

In December 2016 American-3 Fab, Inc. moved into their new larger facility now located on Innovation Drive in De Pere. Since undertaking this new adventure, American-3 Fab, Inc. has grown with new products and expanded their family of skilled, knowledgeable employees to more than 85.

American-3 Fab, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of services from product design through building and assembly of the food and dairy, paper, marine, automotive, packaging equipment, manufacturing equipment and material handling industries. The company attributes its growth to the owner’s efforts exploring new markets opportunities, cultivating existing relationships and the investment the company made in Amada’s manufacturing equipment along with JobBOSS MRP software. Prien and Bosman work diligently to build relationships as their reputation is critical in a market with strong competition. So when clients asked American-3 to consider expanding into the installation services, the company did so because it was a natural expansion of its products and service offerings. This has proven to be a successful growth area for the company.

The JobBOSS MRP software has created automation in the ordering process and fully integrated the front office with shop floor. Everything can be ordered on a just-in-time basis, workflow is easily managed, and jobs can be tracked throughout the process.

The owners attribute the business’ success to a loyal client base, state of the art technology, and a dedicated team of employees.

American-3 Fab, Inc. Mission Statement

American-3 Fab’s mission is to be successful by effectively utilizing the philosophies of high quality, advanced technologies and customer service at a price that is competitive with other fabrication companies in the market.